Facsimiles for Investors

The world financial markets seem to have set their eyes on investing in art.

Placing excess funds on alternative investments allows investors to diversify their portfolio and offers additional security during times of economic turmoil.

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Ars auro gemmisque prior…   Art is worth more than gold and gems…

The global works of art market has seen rapid development in the recent years and prices are on a constant rise. Prices on this market are reaching record-breaking levels because the number of potential buyers is growing, while the number of available works of art is diminishing.

The “Golden Three” – the most valuable books in the world

Gutenberg Bible
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First Folio
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The most valuable book in the world in the Gutenberg Bible printed in 1456 by John Gutenberg. Only 20 complete copies survived untill today.

The next item is Codex Leicester written by Leonardo da Vinci. Its first owner was Thomas Coke who purchased the codex in 1717. In 1994 it was purchased by Bill Gates for a whopping 30.8 million dollars.

The third book is First Folio, the first printed edition of Shakespeare’s 36 plays. Around 1000 copies of the First Folio were printed. Each of the surviving 228 copies is estimated to be worth around 22.6 million dollars.

The Global Collecting Trend Has Made its Way to Poland

Facsimiles in the secondary market
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Facsimiles in the secondary market
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In the modern world facsimiles are treated as an exceptional investments. Restrictively limited print-runs, the extremely complex manufacturing process and unavailability all make them not only a real treat for collectors, but also much desired items for investors who wish to mitigate their risk by placing funds in works of art which are considered a safe investment. It often happens that the value of a new edition of a facsimile increases significantly in a short span of time, reaching prices ranging over a dozen or tens of thousands of dollars.  Around the world there are many specialized publishing houses that create facsimile books. The premiere of each new item is not only a big publishing and cultural event, but also a big opportunity for investors. The uniqueness of facsimiles is best evidenced by the fact that they have become one of the most exclusive gifts. Persons gifted with facsimiles include religious leaders, heads of states and eminent persons.

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