Facsimiles for Aesthetes

Own the Unattainable…


Previously unavailable masterpieces are now within your reach thanks to Orbis Pictus. Art is a source of inspiration, which is why we want our reproductions to provide exceptional aesthetic experiences.

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Give in to the Magic of the Past

Mercator Atlas
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Geert Groote
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Pelplin Books are a testament to history. Their pages hold knowledge that on many occasions has changed the course of history, formed nations, influenced human consciousness, inspired changes and development. The centuries-old tomes are priceless and time has been unkind to each and every one of them. The perspective of gifting further centuries to these magic books is very exciting. Just as in the past, today we can commune with a world accessible to a handful of connoisseurs, world-class experts, who hold aesthetics in the highest regard.  Balancing on the boundary between history and the future, we are fully aware of the responsibility and necessity that come with making a faithful reproduction of a masterpiece by providing it with durability to survive hundreds of years.

Acquire a Taste for Pelplin Books…

Concerto f-moll Frederic Chopin
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Limited print-runs allow you to attain the unattainable. Let Pelplin Books be the pride of your company, your home. Let them be an exceptional exhibit, family heritage, an heirloom passed from generation to generation. The perfect gift. Let them inspire, amaze, be the source of admiration and desire.One example of the numerous, nearly perfect, that is bearing full resemblance to the original, facsimiles crafted by us is the Apocalypse. Made identically to its centuries-old counterpart – bound in two boards dressed in blind-stamped leather with two brass clasps, specially impregnated parchment ground with stone tablets, beautifully hand-gilded initials and illuminations, hand-sewn.We have reproduced the characteristic places on pages imitating stains, damages, library stamps and cut-offs remaining after 12 removed leaves that featured striking gilded miniatures of which there are a total of 35 in the book. This attests to the great skills of the printers and bookbinders from Pelplin.  Look, to your right-hand side is a page from the Apocalypse slightly enlarged for the purposes of our brochure. Distinctly different, yet still awe-inspiring and remarkable.  This way we want to show you just how our facsimiles look like. Let them inspire, amaze, be a source of admiration and desire.

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